Hello beautiful!

I'm Andrea Kane

I help teach women to create the life and business they want.

Massage therapist or pilates instructor? Let me help you create a profitable business that brings you joy.

Pilates studio owners and instructors? I'd love to help you boost your skills working with clients with bodies unlike yours.

Learn more and see if you and Andrea can work together to achieve your dreams

Need private pilates or bodywork?

If you're in San Diego or Coronado, I would love the opportunity to help you with your movement and bodywork goals.

My schedule is fairly limited but with some advance planning, just about anything is possible.

Pilates or Bodywork with Andrea

Working With Other Bodies™

Does working with someone who doesn't look or move like you make you nervous? 

Learn how to think differently about your  client marketing, your approach with new clients and your teaching and modification toolbox in this new four-hour workshop.

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The Art of Creating Your 1:1 Private Practice

If you're a massage therapist or pilates instructor who wants to create a private practice that brings you joy and profit while helping your core audience, I can help!

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My name is Andrea Kane and I help teach women to create the life they deserve. You deserve to (re)create your life.

"Our personal origin story is full of limiting beliefs. Once you realize that you have the power to create and edit your story to allow you to have everything you deserve, your power is limitless. "

Andrea Kane

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