Hi y'all, I'm Andrea.

I am so happy you’ve found this page and are thinking about creating the life you deserve.

Let me help!

I’m a wife, mother, entrepreneur and life & motivation coach who helps women create an actionable plan to live boldly, with intention and without apology.


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Season 1 of The Andrea Kane Show offers business tips and advice for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. Although geared toward beauty & wellness practitioners, listeners who aren’t entrepreneurs and aren’t in the field have benefited.

Season 2 of The Andrea Kane Show focuses on topics that help you start to live with intention and find more joy and gratitude in your life. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.


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My name is Andrea Kane. I'm a powerful woman, a mother, wife, entrepreneur and motivational coach and I help teach women to create the life they deserve.

Realizing that you deserve happiness isn't something you're taught as a child. As you got older, it's about putting on the appropriate "mask" for the occasion: career you, mom you, wife you, girlfriend you, divorced you.... how much of you are giving away and does it feel like you have anything left? Do you even have time to be joyful? Do you look at your lover with the same passion or are you just two people living together? You deserve to (re)create your life.

Then one day... you look at yourself in the mirror differently. You stop being the victim and ask, "what can I do to change my life?"

And you start to re-wire your brain and realize that you DO deserve everything the universe has to offer to you.

You deserve joy, happiness, gratitude and a life that is yours.

Let's connect and get to know each other and allow me

to help you live boldly without apology!



"Most of the battle is just about getting your mind right"


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