Are you moving the way you want to move?

Movement, more than "exercise," gives us the most control of the way our body ages. If intentional movement isn't part of your daily routine, discover how movement and pilates can transform your life and mindset.

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The focus and way of instructing traditional "exercise" wasn't working for my clients... I created a program that focuses on functional, intentional movement and the basic principles of pilates.

You don't need someone else telling you that the way you look needs to change.

You don't need someone else telling you to exercise.

You don't need someone else telling you to lose weight.

You DO want to have less pain and be more functional in your to day life. 

Let me offer you the tools  that have helped me and many of my clients to gain more control of their pain level, mobility, weight and life!

 This online studio is NOT for everybody. And honestly, it's not trying to be. There are hundreds of gyms, studios and online fitness programs for folks who able-bodies and already pretty fit. But what are the options for the rest of us?

You see, I came up with the idea of an online movement and pilates studio once I was diagnosed with an inflammatory autoimmune condition and kept running into trainers who knew how to work with healthy people but seemed pretty impatient and ignorant to work with me, who had chronic pain that had no real hope of improving, flare-ups from intensity and swollen, disfigured joints.

So I did what any kick-ass woman would do! I took my disfigured ass and took a 200-hour yoga program; a fully comprehensive STOTT pilates instructor training course and even signed up for  CrossFit instructor course (I was in a horrible flare and couldn't attend.)

Then I opened a studio in Coronado, CA and focused on serving folks who might not normally go to a big studio. The chunky folks, the injured folks, the folks who needed the work but felt uncomfortable in a regular setting. The folks like me.

I found my people and my people found me. That was 2013 and I've been growing ever since.

Some started asking if I could make videos for them to do when they couldn't afford my studio rates. They asked me to send them videos for when they were on vacation. They asked if I could make specific videos for their particular needs.

And then I got scared, y'all!

My mind started working over time and ignored my reality. Why would people want to learn fitness from a disabled, disfigured instructor?

Ugh! The mind can be your worst enemy. Yeah, it took me a minute to get over that BS. And when I did and I realized that people needed my help and my way of teaching and that was WAY more important than my physical ability level.

And the online studio was finally born in December 2019!


"I have been training with Andrea for over three years. She has an exuberant personality and this carries over into her workouts. Each session, whether it is Pilates or personal training, is specifically geared towards your needs and your abilities. Andrea has such a positive body image. Her confidence is contagious. Because of her… I am in better shape. I am stronger. I am more flexible. I am healthier. I am more confident. "

Cheri Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Pilates Strong with Andrea is an online movement and fitness studio for women who:

  • have not moved their body with intention in a few years
  • are living with chronic pain or chronic fatigue
  • have a diagnosed autoimmune condition
  • want to start creating time and space to become more functional in their life
  • want to be the captain of their life instead of feeling powerless to conditions out of their control 

The online studio just launched in December 2019 to a few new members.

Registration will re-open March 2020.

The program is segmented into five parts:

  1. One Move Wonders
  2. Resistance Bands & Weights
  3. Foam Roller, Balance & Stability
  4. Stretching
  5. Pilates

If you are not used to "intentional movement," begin with One Move Wonders. It's designed to slowly and gently guide you into movement; one move done a few times a day for 30-45 second increments. As you get stronger and get used to moving every single day, you can then try the workouts from the other sections.

Above all, instead of most online programs that provides the videos and no support, you'll be able to either comment under the videos to get a response or email Andrea directly for assistance with modifications or questions. 


The short answer is no. As you progress, however, you will.

As you move through the program, you'll find that having a yoga mat, some thick Mexican blankets, yoga blocks and thick towels will be absolutely necessary.

At a minimum, you'll just need space in your bedroom or living room to do the movements safely, preferably near a wall if your balance or stability isn't great.

As you get stronger, you'll want to have a bit more equipment for resistance to help you build muscle. In the program and during your free trial, you'll have access to a video that explains and shows you different equipment that is helpful to have in your home studio.


The videos cannot be downloaded but you can access them from your laptop, phone, desktop computer or tablet. If you have a smart TV setup, you'll be able to screen mirror your video to your home TV screen for viewing on a larger device.

As long as you have access to Wifi, the videos are accessible.

If you're not sure if this program is for you and you want to learn more, first, follow Andrea on Instagram @powerfulandrea, on Facebook or if you've got questions not answered here, contact us to set up a 15-minute phone call to speak directly with Andrea.


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