The art of creating your 1:1 private practice

With more than 12 years owning a profitable, successful and joy-filled 1:1 private massage, yoga and pilates business, I can help you get past your mental road blocks and doubts, help you create an actionable plan for your success, offer a different way of thinking about your business that directs you to look for solutions instead of dwelling on perceived problems.

Read on if you are...

  • coachable and ready to think differently about yourself and your business?
  • tired of doing the same things and getting the same results?

Learn to tell the difference between the sound of your intuition guiding you and your fears misleading you.


Do you believe that you can have a successful business that gives you the type of freedom or success you desire?

Are you feeling frustrated with

  • your current income?
  • being fearful to make any changes to your business?
  • thinking you made the wrong career choice?


Your learned skills play a very small part when it comes to being the CEO of your life and business and once you realize that, change can happen.

Although setting up your service-based business can be accomplished overnight, it is your mindset, fear and self-talk that often keeps you running on the same gerbil wheel for years.

I mean, y'all... I've been there! As I've shared in my podcast many times, most of us "business owners" are simply "employees with a business."

Working 10 to 12 hour days, no vacation, no money and no life. Thinking this is a great life because you make the schedule.

Or do you?

Did you leave the security of a J.O.B. to just create your own J.O.B. with your name on the awning?

Having a private 1:1 service-based practices is one of the most soul-satisfying careers you can have. But undervaluing your self and your services will keep you frustrated and thinking you chose the wrong life.

I know. I used to think the very same thing.

And that's why it's now my passion to help entrepreneurs just like you to look at your 1:1 practice from fresh eyes and create the life and business you deserve.

How to work with me

If a friend referred you, you found me through an article or you're an IG friend, HEY!! 

Listening to my podcast, The Andrea Kane Show, is free and the absolute best way to discover for yourself if I'm the kind of coach you connect with.

I lay it bare, curse like a sailor but by god, I deep-down in my heart believe that success is not a fluke and I want that for you. What could your life and business look like if you went all in and took a chance and let fear move over?

On the podcast, I share how acting and thinking like a CEO instead of an overworked employee will allow you to structure your life and business from power and confidence instead of fear. Lessons learned, mistakes made and more.

Subscribe now  and get new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday at noon when they go live.

Let me be straight from the beginning... I used to try to save and scrimp when it came to building my business. I was absolutely sure that simply searching Google would tell me everything I needed to know to grow my business, set my rates, etc.


When I plunked down the first $6500 of my hard earned money the first time to pay a coach, I realized one thing: I had wasted time and money with minimal results by doing the same thing year after year and if I really wanted growth, couldn't do it by myself. I needed help and Google wasn't cutting it.

If you've been using Google and asking questions in free FB groups as your source to business growth and it's got you nowhere... nice to see you're realizing you need individualized assistance.

The Laser Coaching Call is the perfect way to start.

It is a 1-hour session where we focus on one thing that you've identified as your main pain point.

Before the phone or Zoom session, I'll take a look at your website and provide a website consultation and write up a report on ways you can improve your site.

After you get the report, you'll let me know, in detail, what you're actually ready to work on in your business. That way, once we're on the call together, we can hit the ground running and cover what you need.

If you're ready to get started, just fill out the form below.

The most effective way to learn is face to face and what better way to learn the skills you need to scale your life and business than with a full-day coaching experience with me, where I have lived since 2006 and ran my practice since 2008, in beautiful Coronado, CA.

My VIP Coaching spots are limited to eight clients (8) a year, therefore selection is through an application process to ensure that you and I are a good fit and that I can give you the support you need to achieve your goals.

I will help you to wade through the confusion and gain clarity and focus on the essential items and work that matters most to your business and financial growth.


While your specific day with me is customized to meet your specific goals, here are just a few common problems many entrepreneurs have:

  • Defining your niche, identifying your "ideal client", targeting your marketing and customer service and rate scale
  • Creating your signature program and structuring your services to create your ideal income
  • Building your platform and social media presence
  • Refining your systems, schedule and team
  • Pivot plan and exit strategy (if you are currently working a full-time job and wanting to move into your own private practice)
  • Combining life and work in a peaceful coexistence

VIP Day Coaching investment is $4995 and includes: 

  • Initial 45-minute pre-planning call
    • Prior to the phone call, I will check your website and social media presence and will deliver a report with suggestions and recommendations to enhance and make it easier for potential clients to find you and schedule with you
    • We'll schedule a time and speak via phone, Skype or Zoom video chat and talk about your goals and outcomes for the VIP day and I may also give you some homework that will allow you to make the most of our time together
    • Additional emails and/or phone calls may be required to ensure that your game plan and expectations are crystal clear and that you walk away from the day with everything you need to move forward with focus and a firm, defined plan.
  • VIP Day with Andrea
    • You'll work with me for a full 7-hour session, outlined in advance with your input and crafted to meet your desired outcomes in an intensive 9am to 6pm day. 
    • We'll walk through town or along the beach to share a 1-hour lunch at the nearby Hotel Del Coronado or other restaurant (this will be decided during our call or via email prior to your arrival) before walking back and continuing with the afternoon session
  • 45-minute Post-Coaching Day Call
    • Before we end your VIP Day, we'll discuss the options for your first phone follow-up
    • After you've had time to process all the work we've done together during your day, you'll review your progress and set plans for further action
  • Six-month email and phone follow-up
    • Oftentimes the exhilaration and joy you feel after an intensive coaching session will then bring you down to connect with the old stories and habits that had previously kept you stuck. For this reason, your VIP treatment doesn't end when your day is done! 
    • The most important part of the coaching is the continued follow up: six months of scheduled monthly strategy phone calls (which are recorded with a provided link for your access) and limited email support
    • After your VIP Day Coaching, you receive:
      • One 60-minute phone call each month, for six months  and one weekly email exchange for six months
    • You will also have other options on how to continue to work privately with me, based on the progress you make or the continued progress you wish to make



You will leave the VIP Day feeling confident and clear about your purpose, aligned with your goals and equipped with the tools necessary to take the next steps to make the most impact on your income, your life and business and your freedom and growth potential.

If this resonates with you and has you feeling "HELL YEAH!", then I look forward to hearing from you!

I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of working with a small handful of you this year!

Fill out the application below and let's work together toward your inevitable success!


If you've followed me on Instagram, read my articles or listened or watched my podcast and think I can help you grow your business, the next step is applying for a Laser Coaching Call or a VIP Day. There are a limited number of 1:1 VIP Day Coaching spots available a year. So if you're ready to commit to your growth, take action and create your business, then apply below.

You're ready to invest in your inevitable success!

When you sat up at night, on your coach or your bed and thought, "I'm going to start my own business," what did that picture look like for you?

Was it a side gig for extra money?

The ability to work your own hours and be more available for your family?

Paint a mental picture of what that dream looked like for you...

And does it match your current reality?

If it doesn't, you're not alone.

If you've been trying to find the answers and are ready to take the next step, fill out the form and let me help you realize that picture in bright, vivid colors!




Let's work together toward your inevitable success

Nothing changes until you take action. Fill out the form below and let's get started!


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