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Get Pilates Strong is an online pilates and functional fitness movement studio created by Andrea Kane, for folks over 40 who want to get strong, have less pain, and live more fully.

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The focus and way of instructing traditional "exercise" wasn't for me.

...so I built a program that focuses on keeping you functional and mobile long-term instead of losing weight and shaming you

You don't need someone else telling you that the way you look needs to change. You don't need someone else telling you to exercise and don't need someone else telling you to lose weight.

You DO need more intentional movement if you want to have a better quality of life as you age.


Doctors, magazines, friends... they tell us to lose weight and exercise but no one really tells us how to do that. No one tells us how to start moving when it's never been part of our lifestyle.

We did all the things we were told: went to school, got married (or divorced), had kids. Gained and lost weight a hundred times, do all the things for everybody and now there's stress, there's menopause, there's diets and trends... you just want to move without being so stiff and achy. Is that too much to ask?

So, you go sign up for a gym membership that you rarely use and nothing changes except the list of things that hurt. There's got to be something better than that!

The focus isn’t about losing weight, getting a bikini body or rocking a six-pack. At this stage in your life, you just want to live more fully and be more functional in your life. You want to be able to do your normal every day routines with less pain and more movement in your body.

It may seem like one day you woke up and you didn’t recognize the body you’re in. Your body may carry more weight than you'd like, have more aches than you'd like and you just want to find a way to move better or more often.

Get Pilates Strong with Andrea meets you where you are right now, today. The work is focused on helping you:
Keep up with your kids (or grandkids!)
Feel strong enough to do every-day activities
Assist your aging parents.
Take your dog for a walk at the park. 
Explore on vacation with confidence (and less pain). 


 Live your life

If you are a woman, 40 years and older and looking to make movement part of your everyday routine, then this program is for you. You can do this work at home in your PJs, at work, in the bathroom, in the car (maybe and as long as it's not moving.)

Get Pilates Strong with Andrea focuses on movements that you need in order to have a functional life: balance, stability and core strength. Things that weren't an issue 20 years ago, but you're finding are more of an issue now.

This program is in BETA, which means you get personal support and help all the way. If you have questions or aren't sure how to create a plan for adjusting your lifestyle, Andrea is there to help you. She's been exactly where you are, which is why she created this virtual studio.

"I want you to be able to show up for yourself every single day no matter where you are so you can live your life to its fullest. "

The time is now to invest in yourself and your health!

These special lifetime rates increase January 1, 2020. There's no better time than right now to make movement and fitness a priority. How many more days will you wait to feel better and stronger?









2020 Accountability Calls via private FB Group

Accountability calls are done the first Sunday of every month at 2pm PST in the FB group via a FB live. Once you sign up for your monthly or annual membership, be sure to request membership to FB group so you can have the opportunity to be part of the calls.




BETA Members receive:

  • Special discounted monthly rate
  • New video added every Monday
  • Private FB Group for support
  • Monthly accountability calls
  • Periodic check-in emails
  • Access to videos 24/7


Monthly LIFETIME rate stays the same as long as the program exists, you don't miss a payment or cancel membership.

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BETA Members receive:

  • Special discounted annual rate
  • Two months free
  • New video added every Monday
  • Private FB Group for support
  • Monthly accountability calls
  • Periodic check-in emails
  • Access to videos 24/7


Annual LIFETIME rate stays the same as long as the program exists, you don't miss a payment or cancel membership.


"I have been training with Andrea for over three years. She has an exuberant personality and this carries over into her workouts. Each session, whether it is Pilates or personal training, is specifically geared towards your needs and your abilities. Andrea has such a positive body image. Her confidence is contagious. Because of her… I am in better shape. I am stronger. I am more flexible. I am healthier. I am more confident. "

Cheri Wilson
49 Years Old

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